Revelations or Disclosure…….Karma and Reincarnation

The Truth about Twinsoals, Are we Aliens?

Paracas, Peru

Publication: Netherlands 20-06-2019

The Book of Revelations is the 66th book of the bible and contains 404 verses in 22 chapters. Pluto is slowing moving in the sign of Aquarius arriving in 2023. As Pluto runs in the third decan of Capricon and Astrologers connect our time to that, we can say that the era of Revelations has arrived. The book of Revelations therefore clearly refers to this period, where matters are revealed. The question is why these numbers were mentioned in Revelations.How coincidenctail is it that Revelations refers to this period and so many people begin to see double numbers?

In 2003 I started my research and my findings are astonishing if not shocking. How could it be that in the collective the phenomenon and interest in twin souls started around 2008? We made so many insane discoveries about ancient cultures. But still, we close our eyes. The world-wide observation of pyramids that have always been there and which we can only see now. How blind are we?

What happened the last 2000 years? It rains archaeological facts at this moment. Discoveries that make us pale.... The Age of Truth is in the third decan of Capricorn arriving now with Pluto thoroughly housed in the areas of all systems. The emotional system, the social system, the historical system and not forgetting, the astral (Dreaming) system , our way of thinking and also our knowledge. So, the question is: What about karma and reincarnation? Is it a foolish belief or is it real? What ifffff…….Slowly we are finding out that we are being incredibly fooled about who we really are and about our past. The past of human mankind. My research has taken me around the world, from Israel to Bosnia, from Egypt to Peru... from South Africa to France to the Netherlands where I can make finally all my studies known.

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Parts of my research were:

Research Bermuda Triangle 1988-1989

Research on Twin Souls 2003-2017

Pyramids Egypt 2006 Temples and hieroglyphs

Gods of Egypt 2007

Bridges of Peace, legends of King Salomon and Seba, Jordan 2012

The Pyramids, Bosnia 2013/2014

Research Jesus Tiberias, Israel 2013/2014

Research Maria Magdalena Israel and Jordan, 2014,

Maria Magdalena and Kathars, southern France 2014

Dead Sea scrolls , the Bible, Israel 2015

White Lions Trust, South Africa 2015/2016

Strange activities, Table mountain, South Africa 2015

Vulcan Eruption 1862, Tauranga New Zealand 2017 2018

Maria Magadelena, Magdala Isreal 2019

Energy Fields Puma Puka, Bolivia. 2019

Energiefields, Titikaka lake 2019

Nasca lines, Peru 2019

Paracas Skulls, Peru 2016/2019

OLdest Astronomical centre, Chavin de huanter, Peru 2019

And a more…….

My personal thanks to

Miss Jennie Navarro Hierro from Paracas Skulls,

Linda Tucker, White liontrust


Sam Osmanagich, Bosnien Piramids.

Desirée G. E. van Toor

Author and researcher

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